Canning, Pickling, Preserving OH MY!

Harvesting season is amongst us which means our fruits and vegetables are ready to be picked. This also means that canning, pickling, and preserving seasons is here too. Provided below are links to the Montana State University MontGuides full of information on a variety of topics and, useful information for anyone interested in preserve their fruits and vegetables. For those of you looking for a new idea or inspiration there is even a MontGuide that focuses on Canning Meat, Poultry, and Fish. Have Fun Preserving, Canning, or Pickling this Season!



The Cooperative Extension Service out of the University of Georgia are the publishers of the So Easy to Preserve book and have some useful resources provided on their website under the So Easy to Preserve section. Check them out by clicking the link below.



The USDA has also come out with a Guide to Home Canning that is broken down into different sections from canning fruits and vegetables all the way to canning fermented food and pickles. When you open the link at the bottom of the page there are additional links to seven different guides focusing on different areas.



Below is a link to the official Ball and Keer website where they also have very useful information revolving around the preserving area.