List of Online Tools

  • Economics of Fertilizer Application in Grain Production:  Optimize nitrogen fertilizer application rates using agronomic and economic models
  • Oilseed & Biodiesel Economics:  Determine if on-farm oilseed and biodiesel production makes sense for your operation
  • Fungicide Decision Tool: Compare costs and benefits of fungicide application in the presence or absence of disease
  • Montana Ag Prices:  Compare current and historical prices for wheat, barley, cattle, and hay at several locations in Montana. Data are from USDA AMS.
  • Saline Seep Reclamation:  Analyze the costs and benefits of addressing a saline seep by planting a perennial crop such as alfalfa in the seep recharge area.
  • Wheat Basis:  Forecasts wheat basis and price for many locations in Montana and Washington. 
  • Map Maker: Create color-coded county map of Montana using your own data.