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Food Preservation courses will be offered.  
Learn how to safely preserve foods at home with classes on basic water bath and pressure canning techniques, pickling, salsa and making jams and jellies.  Roubie Youkin, Valley County FCS Agent, will lead the class and each student will be able to take home a jar of their own processed food.  There will be a $10 fee for each class to cover the cost of the supplies.

Contact the Extension Office at 228-6241 to register for class and location.

Tuesday, September 19  -  It's Salsa Time/Water Bath Canning

Tuesday, October 17      -  Pressure Canning & Jams and Jellies

Course topics include:

  • Safe home canning and pickling
  • The science of food preservation
  • Producing a quality home preserved product
  • Home processing and equipment
  • Selecting research-based credible resources



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