The Teton County 4-H Demo Day takes place each spring.  It is time to start planning something you want to share with others.  4-H members and Cloverbuds can develop a demonstration (show and tell how to make or do something), an illustrated talk (a presentation that uses props to tell about a subject) and a speech (a talk without any props, posters or visual aids). 

The participants (and any guests they bring) not only get to share their knowledge, but they get to learn from others.  Between presentations, the participants and guests play communication games and enjoy a fun, warm atmosphere with lots of comradery. 

If you plan to participate, please contact the MSU Extension Office in Teton County.  To register, please give your name and type of presentation (demo, illustrated talk, speech), anticipated length and any audio/visual needs. 

Items that will be available for you:  two 6-8 ft. tables, 4-H tablecloth, 2 easels, extension cord.  If you require other items (table-top easels, projector, screen, electric burner) please coordinate with the Extension Office. 

For information on how to prepare a demonstration, please see resources below:

  1. Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks
  2. I Have to Do What?
  3. Teton County 4-H Demo Judging Score Sheet
  4. Video – Jane Doing a Demo – Use a Score Sheet to Judge It
  5. Video on How to Do a Demonstration
  6. Demo Ideas
  7. Example of Demonstrations, 1
  8. Example of Demonstrations, 2
  9. Example of Demonstrations, 3
  10. How to Make a 4-H Public Presentation from Rutgers Extension
  11. Demonstrations from Ohio State Extension
  12. Posters: Design and Production
  13. Exhibits:  Design and Production