Teton County 4-H Clubs

Challenging Champs April Simons 781-4295
Eager Beavers Jo Lynn Miller 466-3946
Eager Eagles Heidi Konen 467-3776
  Christina Stewart  
  Tammy Townsend 467-3302
Old Agency Rachel Christensen 466-3391
  Leane Hodgskiss 466-3121
  Lauren Long 466-3612
Prairie Stars Marla Holmquist 467-3439
Rocky Mountain Top Shots Brian Bedord 463-2475
Spring Creek Susan Snyder 466-5775


Club Officer Resources: 

Montana 4-H Youth Officer Training
Montana 4-H President and Vice President's Book
So, You are Historian of Your 4-H Club
Montana 4-H Secretary's Handbook
Montana 4-H Treasurer's Book
4-H News Reporter Handbook 

Club Resources: 

4-H Club Roll Call Ideas
Montana 4-H Leaders' Handbook
Getting Started as 4-H Project Leader
New 4-H Family Handbook
Yearly 4-H Club Program Plan (fillable version)
Yearly 4-H Club Program Plan (print version)

Parliamentary Procedure: 

Parliamentary Practice for 4-H