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All sessions will be held Wednesdays from 12:05 to 12:55 (Mountain Time).  The first session will be held on October 5th.


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Idaho Specific Sessions

March 29                              



Working with Investment Professionals in Idaho

Lyle Hansen
University of Idaho Extension            


Participants will learn about several types of financial professionals, how to decipher their designations, how to determine whether they are qualified to meet specific needs, and expectations an advisor should meet. Participants will also increase their awareness of types of financial advisors, and regulators of financial advisors. Participants will increase their knowledge of how financial advisors are compensated and how to select a financial advisor. Participants will learn how to determine whether they need a financial advisor and determine whether a financial product meets their own goals and risk tolerance, either by clear explanations from their financial advisor or by their own knowledge if they are not using an advisor.  PDF File