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All sessions will be held Wednesdays from 12:05 to 12:55 (Mountain Time).  The first session will be held on October 5th.


Date Title/Presenter  Description Resources

Montana Specific Sessions

March 1                                



Medicaid and Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance in Montana

Marsha Goetting
Montana State University Extension                      


Montanans now have a new alternative to consider paying for long-term care while protecting their assets. This webinar will describe the Montana Partnership program that provides an incentive to purchase long-term care insurance partnership policies. The incentive is protection from the requirement that Montanans have to spend down financial resources to enable them to qualify for Medicaid benefits.  It will also explain how the program works, detail conditions that make a policy qualified for the program, highlight costs, and provide resources for more information, highlighting Montana Medicaid rules. PDF File
March 8

Wildflower Reflections: Family Legacies and Estate Planning in Montana

Marsha Goetting
Montana State University Extension

If you think estate planning is a boring topic then you haven't attended a presentation by Dr. Marsha Goetting, MSU Extension Family Economics Specialist.  During the past three years she has impressed Montana residents with her ability to make estate planning interesting.  This year she has enhanced her presentation using a different approach.  Dr. Goetting has combined her admiration for Montana wildflowers with her expertise in estate planning to offer Solid Finances participants an engaging program:  Wildflower Reflections:  Families, Legacies, and Estate Planning.  This webinar will share who will receive your property if you pass away without a written will; when a will or a trust has control over your property and when neither one does; and share how you can avoid probate with the Montana estate planning tools of POD designations, TODs, and beneficiary deeds.  It will also highlight Montana's statute for distributing items that do not have title.  

Idaho Specific Session

March 22

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate in Idaho

Karen Richel
University of Idaho Extension

Ask any attorney...they will tell you that non-titled property (like Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate) can bring about the biggest challenges in settling estates. In this workshop, information is presented to help you pass on your personal possessions according to your wishes. We talk about the factors you should consider when passing on possessions, what you want to accomplish, what fair means, the different distribution options and consequences, and how to manage conflicts that arise. Information is Idaho specific regarding laws and guidelines; however, the tools you will receive in this class will help you no matter your zip code.  
March 29

Working with Investment Professionals in Idaho

Lyle Hansen
University of Idaho Extension

Participants will learn about several types of financial professionals, how to decipher their designations, how to determine whether they are qualified to meet specific needs, and expectations an advisor should meet. Participants will also increase their awareness of types of financial advisors, and regulators of financial advisors. Participants will increase their knowledge of how financial advisors are compensated and how to select a financial advisor. Participants will learn how to determine whether they need a financial advisor and determine whether a financial product meets their own goals and risk tolerance, either by clear explanations from their financial advisor or by their own knowledge if they are not using an advisor.