Youth of this age group enroll ONLY in this project and all activities are non-competitive. Youth can explore horse and other animal projects but cannot enroll in them. A Cloverbud member engages in varied activities which focus on developing a specific skill or concept to complete the activity. A 4-H member’s (4-H Age 8+) project focuses on a long-term, planned course of study in a specific project are for the 4-H year.


Ravalli County 4-H offers the following activities geared specifically for Cloverbuds:

Cloverbud Fun Day  The Ravalli County 4-H Teen Council hosts the Cloverbud Day concurrently with 4-H Fun Day! A fun event to meet new friends, have lunch and explore the many things 4-H can offer.  Check back in the next 4-H year for the date and registration.

Cloverbud Camp  Coordinated by MSU/Lake County Extension Office, typically the second weekend in June at the Darrel Fenner 4-H Camp, Bigfork, Montana

Ravalli County Fair  Check out Department 50 in the Ravalli County Exhibitor's Handbook. Cloverbuds may enter up to 5 unlike articles for display. Make sure you schedule an interview with a judge!


Project Materials and Record Forms

Each 4-H Activity Book is designed to be used for 1 year. You can rotate through the books in the 3 years a member may be a Cloverbud. The Cloverbud Activity Book is designed to introduce Cloverbuds to many different 4-H projects areas, including Animal Sciences/Animal Life, Expressive Arts, Family, Home, Health, Science and Natural Resources.

The record sheet is on page 3-4 in the project book.

4-H Cloverbud Activity Book A
4-H Cloverbud Activity Book B
4-H Cloverbud Activity Book C