MSU Liberty County Extension is involved in a variety of community development efforts to strengthen the social, economic and environmental well-being of communities and address community development issues identified by residents.

  • Community strategic visioning
  • Community tourism assessment and development
  • Local governance
  • Business and economic development
  • Community surveys

Liberty County Extension has been working closely with the Montana Community Foundation to establish a Community Foundation. In November 2013 Cathy Cooney of the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) and Rae Lynn Hays, MSU Extension Project Director for Rural Community Development spoke to a crowd of interested citizens about the advantages of establishing a community foundation in Liberty County. As state and federal funds become less certain, many communities are seeing the benefit of establishing a community foundation to ensure the future of rural areas in Montana. A community foundation provides leadership, direction, and assets to ensure that people have a place to continue to work, play, and live for generations.

In February, 2014,through the combined efforts of the Montana Community Foundation, MSU Liberty County Extension and local area friends and neighbors, the Golden Prairie Community Foundation was born. Its purpose is to serve Liberty County and surrounding communities.  This Foundation provides the opportunity to distribute charitable gifts for people who love this community and area. The Foundation joins over 70 Montana communities that have a future development vision for their areas. The Foundation now has non-profit 501c3 certification and the benefits of financial accounting services, and development training. The Foundation currently has representatives from Chester, Inverness, Joplin, and the Sweetgrass Hills area.  For more information click on the link below.

Golden Prairie Community Foundation