Photo Courtesy of Janice Hendrickson

Liberty County is in the middle of Montana's Golden Triangle. In 2007 Liberty County produced over 4.7 million bushels of winter wheat and over 1.2 million bushels of spring wheat. This made Liberty County the 6th leading producer of wheat in the state. The county has a total area of 1,458 square miles. 97% of Liberty County's economy is supported by agriculture.  Rich soil provides nourishment for vast fields of wheat and barley, and miles of grazing for cattle both in the Sweetgrass Hills and on the plains. The average farm size in Liberty County is about 3,140 acres.

Liberty County Extension provides producers in the county with updated research and information from Montana State University and other sources. Agriculture and natural resource programs have been and still continue to be a dominant feature of MSU Extension. These programs include:

  • Various classes, seminars, and individual consultations offered throughout the year on small grains, horticulture and livestock issues.
  • Yearly soil moisture surveys are conducted to assist growers in their production decisions.
  • Master Gardener beginning and advanced classes.
  • Diagnostic services for plant, pest and disease identification.
  • Nitrate Quick Test forage testing.
  • Pesticide applicator tests for acquiring an applicator license are administered through the Extension office. Classes are available through the Extension office for applicators to keep their license current.