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Our lab works with researchers, Extension agents, public land managers, and land owners to develop, gather, and share information on invasive plant management that is based on our best understanding of ecology.  Information is available through Extension publications, presentations, workshops, and other outreach activities.

Monthly Weed Post

Click the link above to view records of the monthly weed post, a 2-page bulletin featuring a noxious weed, interesting research, or a timely issue related to weed management. If you would like to receive the Monthly Weed Post via email, please send an email to jane.mangold@montana.edu


Identification of Montana Noxious Weeds

Managing Weeds During Restoration: When to Worry and When to Wait


Minimizing Collateral Damage: How to Protect the Plants You Love

New Rangeland Invaders

Managing for Healthy Plant Communities in the Face of Drought

Weed Management after Wildfire

Cheatgrass Management, Spring 2011

Western Salsify in Range Pasture and CRP

Cheatgrass Biology, Ecology and Management

Ecological Concepts of Integrated Weed Management

Ecologically Based Invasive Plant Management

Revegetation of Weed-Infested Plant Communities

Integrated Weed Management-Healthy Plant Communities


The Mangold lab holds "Noxious Weed Management Certification Workshops", which are typically 3-day studies of weed biology, ecology, and management. It is designed to benefit those new to weed management and experienced professionals. This series of workshops (Level 1 through Level 3) provides training opportunities for local, state, federal government, and other land managers in Montana interested in current advances in noxious weed management. Course complexity increases with subsequent levels. Pesticide applicator recertification credits are available for each workshop.

Check back for announcements regarding Noxious Weed Management Certification Workshops (Level 2 scheduled for fall 2016).

Montana Ag Live

Jane Mangold has been featured on Montana Ag Live, a call-in information tv program dealing with agricultural and gardening issues in Montana. Montana Ag Live is presented by MontanaPBS, in association with Montana State University Extension.