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Our lab works with researchers, Extension agents, public land managers, and land owners to develop, gather, and share information on invasive plant management that is based on our best understanding of ecology.  Information is available through extension publications, workshops, press releases and other outreach actitivites.

Monthly Weed Post

Welcome to the Monthly Weed Post, a 2-page bulletin featuring a noxious weed, interesting research, or timely issue related to weed management. If you would like to receive the Monthly Weed Post via email, please send an email to
October 2015: Biennial thistles
September 2015: Parrot feather watermilfoil
August 2015: Weed impact rankings
July 2015: Brazilian waterweed
June 2015: Garlic mustard
May 2015: Baby's breath
April 2015: Revegetation of rangeland infested by an invasive forb/annual grass complex
March 2015: Yellowflag iris reproduction
February 2015: Common buckthorn
January 2015: Cheatgrass biocontrol
December 2014: Biocontrol research update
November 2014: Field scabious
October 2014: Absinth wormwood
September 2014: Phragmites
August 2014: Native and exotic thistles: Who's Jeckyl, who's Hyde?
July 2014: Weed spread and climate change: the story for Dalmatian toadflax
June 2014: Bulbous bluegrass
May 2014: Poison hemlock
April 2014: Grass identification
March 2014: Genotyping rush skeletonweed
February 2014: Black henbane
January 2014: Medusahead
December 2013: A brief peek at some weed research in MT
November 2013: A bee's eye view
October 2013: Plant Identification
September 2013: Going my way? Weed seeds as hitchhikers
August 2013: Ventenata
July 2013: Narrowleaf hawksbeard
June 2013: Knotweed distribution
May 2013: "New" invaders
April 2013: Controlling cheatgrass with imazapic
March 2013: Dyer's woad
February 2013: Hawkweed nomenclature and i.d.
January 2013: Hawkweed
December 2012: Biological control (cont. from June)
November 2012: Toadflax
October 2012: Weeds and Wildfire
September 2012: Rangeland Revegetation Revisited
August 2012: Rush skeletonweed
July 2012: Tall buttercup
June 2012: Biological control
May 2012: Perennial pepperweed
April 2012: Weed Research in and around Montana
March 2012: Yellowflag iris
February 2012: Cheatgrass revegetation-Size matters!
January 2012: The Year in Review
December 2011: Western salsify
November 2011: Flowering rush
October 2011: White bryony
September 2011: Knapweed Identification
August 2011: Whitetop
July 2011: Yellow starthistle
June 2011: Curlyleaf pondweed
May 2011: Hoary alyssum
April 2011: Scotch broom
March 2011: Blueweed
February 2011: Knotweed complex
January 2011: Eurasian Watermilfoil

Answers to Monthly Weed Post word puzzles
October 2015
September 2015
August 2015
July 2015
June 2015
May 2015
April 2015
March 2015
February 2015
January 2015

Powerpoint Presentations

Managing Weeds During Restoration: When to Worry and When to Wait
Minizing Collateral Damage: How to Protect the Plants You Love
New Rangeland Invaders

Managing for Healthy Plant Communities in the Face of Drought
Weed Management after Wildfire
Cheatgrass Management, Spring 2011
Western Salsify in Range Pasture and CRP
Cheatgrass Biology, Ecology and Management
Ecological Concepts of Integrated Weed Management
Ecologically Based Invasive Plant Management
Revegetation of Weed-Infested Plant Communities
Integrated Weed Management--Healthy Plant Communities

Extension Publications

Black Henbane
Early detection and rapid response (EDRR) to new plant invaders
Flowering Rush
Grass Identification Basics
Hawkweed, orange and meadow
Herbicides and noxious weeds: answers to frequently asked questions
Hoary alyssum
Eurasian watermilfoil
Knotweed complex
Oxeye daisy
Plant Identification Basics

Scotch broom
St. Johnswort
Yellowflag iris
Yellow starthistle
Weed Seed Dispersal by Vehicles
Weed Seedling Identification Guide for Montana and the Northern Great Plains
Washing Vehicles to Prevent Weed Seed Dispersal
Western salsify

Workshops and Training

EDRR Training
Weed Watcher Challenge
Plant Identification PowerPoint
Tutorial webinar on INVADERS Database

Level 1 Noxious Weed Management Certification Workshop, September 22-24, 2015, Bozeman, MT. Save the date announcement. Check back for tentative agenda and registration form.


Press Releases
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