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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Alzheimer's Disease
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Children & Childcare

Why Should We Care About Childcare? -VHS

My How You Have Grown: Development in Early Childhood -VHS

Come Play With Me: Play Activities & Infant Stimulation -VHS

I Am Your Child Series -VHS
Quality Child Care: Making the Right Choice for You & Your Child: This video includes information on: why quality child care is important for your child’s healthy development, what you should look for when choosing child care, questions to ask a potential caregiver, questions to ask yourself when looking at a child care setting and important information to communicate to your caregiver. Hosted by Maria Shriver. Copyright 1998 The Reiner Foundation. Running Time: 27 mins.
The First Years Last Forever: New research in brain development tells us of the vital importance of the relationship between caregiver and child in the critical first years of life. This video includes information on: Bonding and attachment, communication, Health and nutrition, Discipline, Self-esteem, Childcare, and Self-awareness.
Hosted by Rob Reiner. Copyright 1997 The Reiner Foundation. Running Time: 29 mins.
Safe From the Start: This video provides helpful information about: car seats & car safety; feeding & food safety; sleep/bedtime; bath time/bathroom hazards; childproofing at home; toy safety; kitchen safety; safety outside the home; kids & gun safety. Running Time: 23 mins.
Ready to Learn: This video provides helpful information about: the importance of communicating with your newborn; establishing reading routines, materials that prepare your child for reading and writing; activities to spark your child's interest in learning; the importance of quality childcare; incorporating literacy into everyday activities. Running Time: 24 mins.
Discipline: Teaching Limits With Love: In this video, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, America's foremost pediatrician, shows parents that setting limits is not punishment, but a loving way to teach a child how to control his or her own behavior. Running Time: 27 mins.
Your Healthy Baby: In this video, Phylicia Rashad delivers expert advice on how parents can help their children establish healthy habits. Running Time: 26 mins.

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Parenting & Discipline

Right from Birth: A Parenting Series -VHS: A collection of twelve 15-minute episodes that lead parents and caregivers through the stages of early childhood development from birth to 18 months and gives practical advice on how adults can prepare children for a lifetime of learning from the day they are born. Copyright 2000 MAET. Running Time: 3 Hours
1 . The Wonders of the Brain
2. People Skills in Infancy
3. Learning and Intelligence
4. The Many Worlds of Infancy
5. The Seven Essentials
6. The First Month
7. Two to Three Months
8. Four to Six Months
9. Seven to Ten Months
10. Eleven to Fourteen Months
11. Fifteen to Eighteen Months
12. Going to School

Parenting Piece By Piece -Curriculum

Raising Self Reliant Children in a Self Indulgent World -Book

STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting): Early Childhood -Videos & Leaders Resource Guide

Positive Indian Parenting: Honoring Our Children by Honoring Our Traditions -Manual

Common Sense Parenting -Curriculum

Common Sense Parenting -Parent Trainers Kit

Spanking: What to do Instead -DVD
This program shows easy to use techniques every parent will appreciate.

Yelling: Threatening & Putting Down: What to do Instead -VHS & DVD
This award-winning program presents common-sense techniques for dealing with four challenging parent-child interactions: 1) When children are very active; 2) When children get angry; 3) When children whine; 4) When siblings fight. After each scene, viewers are encouraged to discuss alternatives to yelling, threatening, and putting down. When viewers resume watching, they see a variety of positive, practical techniques presented in a style that is friendly and easy to follow. Ethnically diverse cast. Closed-captioned. For parents of children 2-10. Copyright 2000 Gold Bell Productions, Inc. Running Time: 35 min

Anger Management for Parents: The Rethink Method -Curriculum with VHS

Active Parenting of Teens-Leader & Parents Guides with DVD
The challenge of successfully ushering children through their teen yeas has always been among parents' hardest-won achievements. How can you ensure that your teen develops the skills and character they need to not only survive but to thrive as they gain independence? The "active" approach has helped millions of families become happier and more productive as their children become more responsible, respectful, and capable of making good decisions.

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Parenting the Second Time Around (PASTA) -Curriculum

GRG -Educational Program with VHS

GRG: Legal and Policy Issues -VHS

GRG: Doubly Stressed, Triply Blessed -VHS & DVD

Aging Horizons: Grandparenting -VHS

Lean On Me: A Film About Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children -VHS

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Powerful Tools for Caregivers -Curriculum

Caring for Caregiver Families -VHS

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EDUFAIM: A Successful Program for Helping Montana Families Become Self-Supporting -VHS
EDUFAIM stands for EDUcating Families to Achieve Independence in Montana. Created in 1996 by the Montana State University Extension Service, the goal of EDUFAIM is to help families who leave welfare roles make a successful transition toward a more self-supporting life style. Counties in the Livingston and Glasgow areas of Montana piloted the program. This video highlights how EDUFAIM has made a difference for participants in those areas. 1999 Video Visions. Running Time: 16:30 min

Stepping Together: Creating Strong Stepfamilies -Curriculum with VHS

Families Talk About: Encouraging Positive Activities -VHS

Families Talk About: Single Parenting -VHS

Balancing Work & Family -Curriculum

Juggling Work and Family with Hedrick Smith -Action Kit with VHS
The viewer/discussion leader guide and video case studies in this Action Kit will introduce you to men and women from all walks of life - hourly workers, lawyers, high tech managers, hospital workers, computer troubleshooters - all trying to find enough time in the day to meet the demands of their jobs and their families. You will learn what they and the companies they work for are doing, or trying to do, to find that all-important balance between work and family. Action Kit includes: one VHS tape with eight case studies ranging from 3-8 minutes in length; leader's guide and other examples of resources.

Take Back Your Family Time -VHS
This video is an exciting new resource which captures Dr. Bill Doherty as he discusses the problem of over scheduled kids and under connected families with community members. From talking about the frantic, anxious culture of parenting to discussing ways for families to reclaim quality time together, Dr. Dohery gets to the heart of the issues and encourages parents to regain their leadership. Running time: 55 minutes

Mending the Sacred Hoop-Curriculum

Fighting for Your Marriage: Notes for Couples -Curriculum
A program designed by experts to help couples build lasting, loving relationships and prevent divorce, based on 15 years of research at the University of Denver. The clinically tested techniques are for any couple- from the newly engaged to the long-time partners- who want to solve problems or prevent them from happening. Copyright 1996 PREP Educational Products, Inc.

PREP: Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Program-Curriculum

Children in the Middle & Parenting Wisely -VHS
Excerpts from 2 very effective programs.

Co-Parenting Through Divorce -Curriculum

Dads for Life: Eight Short Films About Divorced Dads -VHS
8 short films to help divorced dads "stay” a positive influence in the lives of their children.

CYFAR: Programs that Work -VHS
“CFYAR” is the Children Youth and Families at Risk Initiative. Since 1991, the Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service has allocated funding for programs for at-risk children and their families. This video describes the CYFAR initiative with on-site examples of four of these programs. February 1998. Produced by Iowa State University Extension. Running Time: 15:23 min

CYFAR: Strong Families, Competent Kids & Caring Communities -Curriculum

Strengthening Families Series: For Parents & Youth Ages 10-14 -VHS
What's it All About
Using Live & Limits: Session 1
Handling Stress: Session 1
This video includes vignettes and narration for the parents' first booster session. This is one of the booster sessions to be held 4-12 months after the seven core sessions of the Strengthening Families Series. Topics include: identifying adult stressors that affect parenting; finding ways to cope with stress; avoiding arguing with youth.
Running Time: 28 mins
Making House Rules: Session 2
Encouraging Good Behavior: Session 3
Using Family Meetings: Session 3

Using Consequences: Session 4
Building Bridges: Session 5
This video includes vignettes and narration for the parents' fifth session. Topics include: learning to listen to young people's problems; seeing things from their point of view; helping youth meet basic needs in positive ways.
Running Time: 53 mins
Handling Peer Pressure: Sessions 5 & 6
Parents Helping with Peer Pressure: Session 6
Protecting Against Substance Abuse: Session 6
This video includes vignettes and narration for the parents' sixth session. Topics include: protecting against alcohol, tobacco & drug abuse; supporting children in school; monitoring youth's activities. Running Time: 54 mins
Communicating When You Don't Agree
This video includes vignettes and narration for the parents' first booster session. This is one of the booster sessions to be held 4-12 months after the seven core sessions of the Strengthening Families Series. Topics include: parenting tools to solve problems; understanding differing views on parenting; using speaker-listener technique.
Running Time: 35 mins
Strengthening Families Program-Facilitators Handbook
Strengthening Families Booster Session-Facilitators Handbook

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Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Caregiving at Home: A Five-Part Workshop Planning Kit -Curriculum

Alzheimer's Disease: A Wilderness Explored -VHS

Alzheimer's Disease: Let's Talk About It -VHS

The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's -VHS

Forgetting: Alzheimer's in Montana & Alzheimer's Follow-Up -VHS

The Family Guide to Alzheimer's Disease -VHS or DVD series
Volume 1-Understanding Alzheimer's
Volume 2- Behavior Issues
Volume 3- Daily Life
Volume 4- Family Caregiving
Volume3- Transitions

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Tackling the Tough Skills: A Curriculum Building Skills for Work & Life -Curriculum

The Developing Person Through the Life Span -Instructor's Resource Manual

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Violence & Drugs

Let's Talk About Living in a World With Violence -Curriculum with VHS

METH: Dark Cloud Over the Big Sky -VHS

Meth in Montana: A Toolkit for Community Educators and Teachers
Contents include "Meth: Dark Cloud Over the Big Sky" in VHS and DVD format; TV PSA's; 4 Vignettes; Power Point Presentations; Handouts.

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To Be a Have or Have Not -VHS
A practical introduction to money management for current and potential college students.

The Family Guide to Long-Term Care, Vol 4: Understanding Long-term Care Insurance -VHS
In this video, you'll learn everything you need to know about long-term care insurance. After viewing this video, you'll be well equipped to navigate the often bewildering maze of information and make decisions that will help you preserve your assets and your freedom of choice.
Running Time: 21 mins

The Family Guide to Long-Term Care, Vol 5: Legal Issues -VHS
In this video, you'll learn valuable information about your rights and responsibilities, and how to use that information to make sure your wishes are carried out. After viewing this video, you'll be well prepared to begin planning for the future, and to provide more peace of mind for you and your family. Running Time: 21 mins

The Family Guide to Long-Term Care, Vol 6: Financial Planning -VHS
In this video, you'll learn what to do, both now and in the future, should the day come when you have to handle a loved one's financial affairs. You'll also learn the ins and outs of Medicare and Social Security - including what you can (and cannot) count on from these programs. Whether you're viewing for yourself or for an aging parent, this video will give you the essential information you need. Running Time: 21 mins

Money on the Bookshelf: A family Financial Literacy Program -Curriculum

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