Gallatin County Extension partners with a variety of organizations and people to ensure the wise use of our natural resources.


Current Natural Resources Programs/Projects 


FOREST HEALTH AND WILDFIRE RISK REDUCTION - Learn How You Can Improve Your Forest's Health and Protect Your Property From Wildfire

WETLANDS MONITORING AND EDUCATION - Volunteer-driven project to develop our understanding of the condition of our wetlands.

STREAM RESTORATION - Improve the health of your stream.

AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES MAPPING - Know your aquatic invasive species.

BIG SKY CONSERVATION PARTNERSHIP - Understanding balanced use of Big Sky

WHITEBARK PINE MANAGEMENT AND RESTORATION - What you can do to help an quintessential Montana species.

CLIMATE SCIENCE - Begin to learn about the climate surrounding you.



Learning More About Natural Resources


Other Resources:

Partnering Organizations, Agencies, and Friends

Long Term Conservation

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