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Bring a Forest Stewardship Workshop to Your Area!

Are you interested in learning more about your forest? Do you have neighbors who have the same interest? If you get ten family forest landowners together, give us a call and we will provide you with an exclusive Forest Stewardship Workshop!

The Montana Forest Stewardship program provides 3-day workshops in which participants spend the first two days attending several educational modules that help them better understand, inventory and develop objectives for their forest. During a week-long break participants are loaned the equipment needed to conduct an inventory of their natural resources. Afterwards they attend the final day of the workshop to summarize and interpret their inventory data and develop a management plan that reflects their objectives for their own family forest. During this time the receive help from a team of trained forestry, wildlife and range specialists. The natural resource professionals that teach the workshop follow up with an on-site visit to each property where they can give advice, answer questions, and verify Stewardship Plans.

Every year the Stewardship Program spends a lot of their budget advertising for workshops. If you are interested in attending such a workshop, or know of landowners who are, we are asking your help to organize a group of landowners for us so we can spend more of our budget providing educational materials and instruction and less recruiting family forest landowners. We would like landowners that own at least 10 acres of forest or more (or lands they wish to plant trees on). We are willing to offer workshops that best fit landowners schedules, but would prefer teaching to groups of at least 10 to make the time and effort efficient. (if you can only get a group of 4 or 5 landowner together please still give us a call as we may be able to combine you with another group).

For more information call Cindy Peterson, Forest Stewardship Coordinator at MSU Extension Forestry (406) 243-4706.

Sponsoring agencies: MSU Extension Forestry, Montana DNRC, USFS