Oilseed Processing

Cost per Gallon of Oil Produced

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Seed Price ($/Lb)

Quantity Oilseed Crop Used -

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Total amount of oilseed processed annually.

Total Processing Equipment Purchase Costs -

Feedstock Oil Content (%) -

Market Price of Oilseed Meal -

Moisture Loss in Feedstock During Processing -

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During oilseed processing, some material is lost due to moisture loss, screening the material and spillage. This may account for 2% to 10% of the original material.

Oil Recovery Rate Of Press -

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Mechanical oilseed presses are not capable of recovering 100% of the oil in an oilseed. Most presses have the ability to recover between 60% and 80% of the oil in the oilseed. Adjustments on the press, temperature and seed quality all affect the oil recovery rate.

Oilseed Processing Capacity per Day -

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The crushing capacity of most mechanical oilseed crushers is quoted in tons (US) per day. In some cases the capacity of a press is quoted in poulds per hour. If this is the case, multiply the pounds per hour by 24 and then divide the answer by 2,000 to get the capacity in terms of tons per day. In some cases the capacity will be listed in metric tonnes per day. To convert metric tonnes to US tons, multiply the capacity in metric tonnes by 1.1023.

Hourly Labor Cost -