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Crop Share Lease:

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If you have a lease for which the percent of the crop revenue you receive is different from the percent of the nitrogen fertilizer you pay for, enter that information here. See the glossary for more information.

Lbs N applied at max. net revenue:

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Applied Nitrogen (Lbs/Acre)  info icon

This is actual pounds applied nitrogen, not pounds of fertilizer. See glossary for more information.

Because of variance of soil depth, texture, climate, and management practices, actual nitrogen needed to optimize yield and/or revenue on your farm may vary from what is predicted here.

To adjust the values below, either move the slider bar or type the desired value into the gray box next to the slider bar.

Soil Nitrate (Lbs/Acre):

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Nitrate already in the top 3ft. of soil.

Organic Matter (%):

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The % of OM in the top 6 inches of soil. Generally, higher OM contributes more available nitrogen to the soils.

Yield Goal (Bushels/Acre):

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Your average winter wheat yield. See glossary for more information.

Wheat Price for 12.5% Protein Winter Wheat ($/Bushel):

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Price paid per bushel for winter wheat with exactly 12.5% protein content.

Nitrogen Price Per Pound of Active Ingredient ($/Lb):

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Note that price per pound of active ingredient does not typicaly equal price per pound of fertilizer. See glossary for more information.

Protein Discount Per One Quarter Point ($/0.25%):

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Discount for each quarter-percentage point decrease in protein content under 12.5%.

Protein Premium Per One Quarter Point ($/0.25%):

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Premium paid per quarter-percentage point increase in protein content over 12.5%, up to 15% protein.
Current Montana Grain Report (AMS)