This program was developed to help Montana producers optimize nitrogen fertilizer application rates for small grains. Yield and quality were modeled using 24 trials on 1993-2006 for spring wheat, 70 trials from 1970-2006 on winter wheat, 35 trials from 1981-2006 for spring barley. These trials were only done following fallow; therefore, these calculators should not be used for recrop. Because of variance of soil depth, texture, and climate, actual nitrogen needed to optimize yield on your farm may vary from what is predicted here. HTML5 support is necessary for this website to function. If the website doesn't seem to be working, try updating your browser.

Funding for the development of this program was provided by the Montana Fertilizer Advisory Committee.


Clain Jones

Extension Soil Fertility Specialist

Assoc. Professor of Nutrient Management

Department of Land Resources and Environmental Management

Montana State University


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Kate Binzen Fuller

Assistant Professor

Extension Specialist

Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

Montana State University


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The original version of this tool was created by Clain Jones and Duane Griffith.