kids in pumpkin garden

Renovation of the Fort Peck Reservation Extension Tribal Garden

The Fort Peck Tribes had given the Fort Peck Reservation Extension office use of 99 acres for educational purposes located close to where the Poplar River meets the Missouri River. It has been used for various educational purposes over the years. The only problem with the location was that although it is near a water source, it was not close enough and water still had to be transported for the Tribal Extension Garden. In 2016, the tribes gave another plot of land near the Tribal Building. It had been used many years prior as a garden area and was fenced off, there were remnants of tomato cages, berry bushes, and ground stakes. The water source had not been used in years and was non-working. The Community Services Department donated money to have the well and electrical work repaired since most of the food is donated to their program. 

It took most of the summer to get it fixed up right, but is now in excellent working order for 2017 and beyond. The Tribal Extension Garden produces food for community members who cannot grow a garden, or their garden has been compromised from weather. It is an agri-tourism education venture for the area Kindergarten class that is a pumpkin patch, and food is taken to the Community Elder program or local food banks. Over 700 pounds of potatoes are grown from the State Seed Lab, and 200 pumpkins were given to the classes, and over 400 pounds of other produce is raised. The Tribal Garden helps connect community members through volunteer work in the garden and distributions of the bounty. 

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