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Tillage System Practices & Energy Savings

Currently, farmers are faced with finding ways to control rising costs of production.  Increasing costs of fuel, fertilizer and chemicals are energy related.  Several options are available in both the short run and long run.  These options include substituting lentils for a small grain crop.  This lowers the cost for applied fertilizer and at the same times fixes nitrogen for the next crop in rotation the following year.  Another longer term solution is to change the type of tillage system used on the operation.  Typically, moving from a mechanical tillage system to a no-till system will save fuel and machinery costs, but chemical costs increase.   This software allows the user to evaluate these trade-offs using a representative 4500 acre dry land grain operation in Montana.  The software also allows the user to explore substituting an oilseed crop for a small grain crop to use in the production of biodiesel.

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