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Contest Results

2016-2017 Achievement Night

2018 Communications Contest*

2018 Demonstrations Contest*

2018 Edible Arts Contest

2018 Fashion Revue & Quilt Show Contest*

2018 Stir Ups Contest*

2018 KMON Contest*

2018 County Horse Show

2018 County Livestock Show

2018 MT 4-H Congress

2018 MT Shooting Sports Results

*Denotes a contest that qualifies members 13 years and older to compete at Montana 4-H Congress*




2018 MT 4-H Congress Qualifiers

Congratulations to the following 4-H members for qualifying to compete at the 2018 MT 4-H Congress, July 10-13th, in Bozeman, MT.  To qualify, members have competed in the County Contests listed above and have received a blue ribbon placing in at least one contest.  Members may qualify in any county contest to attend, but may only compete in once contest at Congress.

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Meats Evaluation Qualifiers (Eligible to attend Congress and compete as the Montana 4-H Delegation at the Denver Stock Show)

Zach Nichols, Great Divide 4-H Club

Alayna Roth, Ulm Pishkun 4-H Club

Kelli O'Neill, Great Divide 4-H Club

Livestock Judging Qualifiers

Ericka Nuemann, Ulm Pishkun 4-H Club

Katie Ober, Chesnut Valley 4-H Club

Drew Newman, Tiger Butte 4-H Club

Alexis Marko, Eden Livestock 4-H Club

Marshall Byrnes, Eden Livestock 4-H Club, 1ST ALTERNATE

Preston Hastings, Chesnut Valley 4-H Club, 2ND ALTERNATE