Mission Statement

The mission of the Cascade County 4-H Leaders Council is to assist the Extension staff and 4-H volunteers to coordinate a positive, hands-on, educational experience for individual growth and development. The Cascade County 4-H Leaders Council supports and adopts the mission of the Montana 4-H.

The primary purpose of the Council is to provide guidance and assistance to the County Extension staff in planning and conducting educational programs.  In addition, the Council advises the County Extension staff in establishment of the county 4-H policies that are not in conflict with the State 4-H policy statement.  Council is also the governing body of the Cascade County 4-H program and all the committees within the Cascade County 4-H program.

Leaders Council Executive Committee

President: Keri Leggett, Great Divide 4-H Club

Vice President: Mike Matury, Running Free 4-H Club

Secretary: April McLean, Shooting Sports 4-H Club (chartering)

Treasurer: Laura Connell, Creative Clovers 4-H Club


Voting Members

Each club is permitted to have two votes (one adult and one youth) vote. Voting members must be currently enrolled youth or adult members that have paid annual dues. Club representatives do not have to be the same individuals every meeting.  It is up to clubs to decide what youth and adult members to send each meeting to represent the entire club.  Meetings are open to all leaders, members, parents and any community members to attend and participate in discussions, but may only vote if as club representatives.