Carbon County 4-H Ambassadors

Painting with Karen Grotz Joliet MT  Ambassadors Painting 

                                 Teamwork and Painting at Rec Lab

This past April, the Carbon County and District 4-H Ambassadors Hosted Montana 4-H Rec Lab in Joliet.  Rec Lab is a weekend conference that focuses providing opportunities to build leadership and teamwork skills in Montana 4-H teens.  Rec Lab started off with 4-H'ers exploring their artistic side while building leadership skills with Karen Grosz from Canvas Creek Team Building.  Pictures above are from this painting workshop.

2016 Ambassadors Kenyon Hatten, Allie Blain, Ashley Dworshak, Jonathan Erickson, Danni Lynn Nardinger, & Brittany Prinkki

Welcome to the team new 4-H Ambassadors: Morgan Harris, Noah Salo, Savannah Whitney, Walker Anttila, & Kaitlyn Ohmstede!

So what is a 4-H Ambassador?

A 4-H ambassador is a motivated youth, who is 14-19 years of age, enrolled in the 4-H program, has a minimum GPA of  2.5, and has served as a club officer or Teen Leader in their county 4-H.  Being a 4-H Teen Ambassador is a rewarding experience!   These youth improve their public speaking skills, confidence and independence, becoming great leaders in our society! They get to meet other 4-H teens from across the state and form lasting friendships  as they attend state 4-H events such as State 4-H Leaders Forum, 4-H Rec Labs, State Fall Ambassador Training and State 4-H Congress.   They help other youth in the 4-H program with projects, workshops and club events. That is what your Carbon County Ambassador Team is doing:   The 4-H Ambassador team includes Megan Sweeney of Boyd, Teal & Kenyon Hatten of Boyd, Max Erickson of Red Lodge and Tel Daniels of Joliet.  Megan and Teal both have served on the Ambassador team for the last four years and will be moving on to college in the fall. Both these young women should be congratulated for their enthusiasm and constant support of the 4-H program in Carbon County.
During the 4-H year, these ambassadors have put in hundreds of hours of volunteer time each, promoting and assisting with 4-H programs on the county and state levels. Some of the fall activities include: traveling Carbon County educating elementary students about the 4-H program, teaching a Cloverbud workshop, assisting with the county 4-H Awards Banquet and attending Fall Ambassador Training in Fairmont Hot Springs.  The Ambassador program is supported by their annual Christmas wreath sale and the Carbon County 4-H Council.    Each year the Ambassadors issue a charity challenge to other 4-H clubs in the county.   In the past years they have supported Heifer International, Camp Mak A Dream, Cole’s Western Wishes, Sidney Hedges Fund , the Montana 4-H Foundation and the Special K Ranch.   This year, their charity of choice is the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary in Red Lodge. 
The ambassadors welcome opportunities to visit clubs and organizations to fill you in on the 4-H experience!   If you would like more information on the 4-H Ambassador Program contact Key Leader Shirley Erickson @ 446-3239 or the Carbon County Extension Office @ 962-3522.