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Wednesday, January 20, 2016
» 20 12:05 PM - 12:55 PM
Solid Finances Webinar: Protecting Yourself from Predatory Lenders

Protecting Yourself from Predatory Lenders
Karen Richel
University of Idaho Extension

Did you know that there are more Pay Day Loan outlets in the U.S. than McDonalds restaurants?  And guess what...most of them 
are conveniently located in low-income and minority neighborhoods...around college campuses and near discount stores and 
services.  In 2006, Idaho had 222 stores and they processed an average of 2,229 loans per store...a total of 494,736 
payday loans. The average loan amount was $343 with an average APR of 443%.  And the best part is that there is very little regulation for these "financial stores."  To protect yourselves, come to this workshop and find out some interesting facts, who to watch out for, and what to do if you are a victim of predatory lending.  In addition, we will talk about alternatives that will get you to the same goal without the use of predatory lenders.

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